Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Congratulations Diana!

Congratulations to LA Fellow Diana on her new job!!!! Diana secured a full time position five weeks into LA Fellows training and started working the Monday after graduation! She shared how her experience as an LA Fellow helped her with her job search.

"The LA Fellows program gave me the knowledge, confidence and motivation to move forward with my job search. I would have never interviewed for the Legal Analyst position I'm currently in at my company if it wasn't for the skills and awareness I developed over the course of the seven weeks of training. I know I would have eventually found a job without having been part of LA Fellows, but the process moved much smoother and my time was better spent once I was able to focus on the tools I needed to land the job I wanted. For the first time I felt that I was in control of where I was going rather than following wherever my job search led me. The kicker is that I enjoyed every minute of the learning and being around my colleagues. My unemployment experience went from headaches and loneliness to self-empowerment and camaraderie. As an LA Fellow, I was no longer alone." Diana Rado, LA Fellows, Cohort 1

Diana, left, collaborates with her group during LA Fellows Traning.

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