Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do Gooders Amaze: A Blog Posting from Jean Franzblau

Do Gooders Amaze

I am accidentally in the nonprofit world. Like Alice in Wonderland, I tumbled from being a solo business owner giving seminars in corporate America to being a solo business owner in economic freefall to being an unemployed professional scrambling for a job.

Oh dear, I'm unemployed!

A nonprofit job came my way, I landed it, and here I am. Oh, the irony; my job is to help people find work.

It has been a fascinating first seven months. In meetings, I find myself confused when decisions are made with the client not the cost in mind. These nonprofit folks are wired differently! My colleagues are those who didn’t accidentally find themselves here. They chose careers in a world where there are no (gulp!) year end bonuses.

I am rubbing elbows with those who think up good ideas to help people and then implement them. Here’s the latest example a few friends of mine are involved with – It’s a program for people who are unemployed and want to do good in the world. It combines job search training, networking and volunteering. I couldn’t think of a better way to give job seekers a schedule around which to organize themselves, people to hang out with and the right mix of resources. 70% of participants land jobs!

If you know people “looking for their next opportunity,” let them know about It’s free!

I’m glad to be a voyager in the Land of Nonprofit. I think it’s rubbing off on me.

I heart
I heart

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