Friday, May 20, 2011

Congrats to Kenneth Strong from Cohort 2

Kenneth Strong from Cohort 2 has secured employment with a National non profit health agency dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities attain greater independence.  We are so thrilled for Kenneth and could say quite a bit about his experience with the program and how it helped him to find his new job, but we thought you might enjoy hearing directly from Kenneth, himself:

"I'm writing this two months after I completed the classroom portion of the LA Fellows program at LAVC, I can genuinely say the material you learn stays with you.  In just securing a job this week, I had a better and more focused approach than I had before I entered LA Fellows.  The program is many things, but for me, it best provided direction.  So often, when looking for a job we are distracted by so many opportunities that we forget exactly what to spend the bulk of our energy on.  I had spread myself so thin I was applying for jobs as diverse as Fire Fighter and Administrative Assistant with no real purpose other than to get a paycheck.  I lacked focus and each week I didn't get a job, my confidence dipped lower and lower.

Personally, the program taught me many things about the job market that I had not known-- as I hadn't had to look for a job for 10 years.  I learned big things, such as completely 100% re-writing my resume and little things such as don't slide around in your chair in an interview.  (This latter part came in very handy when, 
in my interview, I was given a chair on wheels and my instinct always is to twist and turn the day away when I sit in these things!  I kept still and professional and let my smile show my lighter side; not my slide :)  

The LA Fellows program most of all is about the people you meet.  Everyone has such diverse backgrounds; not just in careers, but in life experience, and having all these people working and learning side-by-side with you is a true asset.  You make friends and you move forward in life.  Remembering them and your successes together will build your confidence and become the bedrock in your career advancement. 

Being in such a dynamic group and led by experienced instructors, you not only learn interviewing and resume skills, but understand what other people look for in job seekers.  You get support from class members and the opportunity to support others.  You have a community and each day you learn and get better at what you are aiming for.  

Additionally, as a volunteer you meet people at Nonprofits in a very professional environment.  I had the opportunity to not only learn about their business in a Development office, but I got to make a promotional video for them -- something completely unexpected, but very satisfying for me personally.  Other people in the program were able to secure employment at the very places they volunteered at -- so the possibilities are fruitful.  The opportunities in the LA Fellows program are endless if you are willing to bring your 'A' game to the table because this is the perfect place for people who are out of work to let themselves shine again."

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