Friday, May 31, 2013

Top Ten Signs your Job Search is On the Right Track

10. Your doctor says you’re more rested and healthy than he’s ever seen you.

9. You know where your former supervisors are, but not in a creepy internet stalker kind of way.

8. You have more meetings now than when you were working, only without the lame Power Point presentations.

7. Your kids are asking YOU for tips on building their social media brand

6. The non-profit organization you work for has named you volunteer of the month.

5. You take weekends off to catch up on all the TV and errands you haven’t had time for.

4. All your neighbors know what you do for a living and what your target companies are.

3. People miss you when you’re not at the professional association meetings.

2. You keep running out of thank you notes.

1. You’re finally happy with your resume.

Mary Turner
LA Fellows Cohort 7

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