Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Congrats to LA Fellow Nicholas Koutouras!

Nicholas Koutouras of Cohort 2 recently secured employment!  He is now a Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at a major National Bank.

Nick explained to his fellow cohort members that during his crucial last interview, the hiring manager wanted to know what he had been doing during his time off.  Without hesitating, and using the interview skills he had picked up during his training, Nick said that he had been taking part in the LA Fellows program.  He went on to talk about the volunteer commitment and how he was looking forward to helping out at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House.  The hiring manager was so impressed that he had been taking part in a development program that fostered volunteerism, that Nick said he believes being an LA Fellow really helped him to secure his new job.

Congratulations once again to Nick Koutouras!

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