Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Cohort of LA Fellows Nears Graduation

Every cohort of LA Fellows is told in the first week to take advantage of the time in class to connect with the diverse group of professionals there. For every group of LA Fellows, the training time passes quickly, and Cohort 10 has been no exception. As they finish the on-campus instructional portion of the program, start working on the nonprofit piece and prepare for graduation next week, here's a quick snapshop of some of the activities that have been preparing them for their return to the workforce...  

Many of the Fellows took advantage of the optional
computer classes which help them to brush up on their
Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills.

There were numerous opportunities for practicing their interview skills
and to brainstorm tweaks on cover letters and resumes.   

Fellows from previous Cohorts came by to give encouragement and first-hand insight on how to take their training and apply it to real-world situations.
They had lots of opportunities to exercise teamwork...


...And more teamwork! (Who says it all has to be serious and dull to be informative?)

The LA Fellows also got many opportunities to practice their presentation skills
and get comfortable speaking in front of a room full of people.

Most importantly, Cohort 10 has embraced the greatest lesson of the LA Fellows program: the power of a network. They share ideas, resources, and support. The hardest part of unemployment can be the isolation and uncertainty that comes from sitting alone in front of a computer hoping someone responds to a resume. LA Fellows learn the skills to make that a tiny part of the search and instead focus on effective strategies that connect experienced workers with real employers. Cohort 10 has proven that they are strong enough to step out of their comfort zones, smart enough to say yes to opportunity, and have the fortitude to follow this training to their next success.

We can't wait to see the wonderful things they achieve.

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