Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Workshops from LAVC Job Training & Team Business of Burbank

Valley College has teamed with Burbank’s Team Business to present another series of free workshops designed to increase productivity in the workplace.

In the first offering, entitled “Providing Excellent Customer Service,” guests will not only learn some of the best ways to deliver professional, helpful, and high quality assistance to customers, but will gain insight into diffusing situations with those confrontational individuals who inevitably show up in front of the counter or on the phone, and turn them into returning buyers.

Delivered by popular speaker Doug Marriott, this complimentary workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, October 1, from 10:00 a.m. – noon. To learn more, see the flyer below or contact Dale Beck, Event Coordinator at 818.947.2927.

Again, there is no charge to attend this workshop.

To reserve your seat, contact Team Business at their website, itsmyseat.com/teambusiness.

Below are the subjects and times for the remaining three:

·         Mastering Effective Communication (Tuesday, October 21, 2:00)

·         Preventing Computer Viruses (Tuesday, October 28, 10:00)

·         Creativity and Innovation for your Business (Tuesday, November 4, 2:00)

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