Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How LA Fellows Made the Difference in My Job Search

After 18 months I received my first paycheck again last week, and it felt pretty good! 

Its Sunday night, and as I take a moment to mentally prepare for my work week ahead, I take a pause to reflect on the last 18 months, and the steps I've taken to get back into --- living.

I won't share my whole story but I assure you, there was plenty of drama and near misses, but with lots of love from family, friends, God, and my own determination and perseverance, I made it through the toughest of times. 

As I began to ponder how I was going to climb back into the job market, I knew I wanted to lend value, and to find a position that was enriching to me in a spiritual sense even more so than financially.  I began chasing job opportunities with no real game plan or defined process in place. I had previously found success and figured I would naturally find it again - a bad approach. I quickly realized it was going to take a lot more hard work and focus in order to be successful. It was a great day in late December when I discovered and was subsequently accepted into the LA Fellows program. 

LA Fellows brought structure, focus and skills to my regimen, and gave me the qualifications required as the CEO of my job search. Classes provided me tangible skills in resume writing, interviewing, and delivering presentations, but it also helped me get mentally jazzed about me, my job search, and a career path. Importantly I regained the confidence that I had value to deliver to my next employer, and the ability to present my value proposition throughout my job search. The program also provided the opportunity to regain my footing while volunteering at a nonprofit, and proved to be an excellent step in preparing me to re-enter the workforce.

When job hunting, I initially sought a possible shift into the nonprofit world, and while I ultimately accepted a job back in private industry, I have not forgotten the spirit of LA Fellows. Get myself back into production, but give something back in return. While I'm still learning my new paying gig, I have every confidence that I'll thrive in the role. The exciting news is that last week I also took on a Corporate Committee member position for JDRF and their largest fundraising event of the year JDRF One Walk at the Rose Bowl. It will be another opportunity to continue paying back dividends on the great experience that was LA Fellows - Cohort 11.

I express a big thank you to my Cohort who shared valuable lessons, our enlightened instructors who reinforced my skills and courage, and the administrators and sponsors who believed in me and put together such a rewarding experience that is LA Fellows .

Stay well.

Frank P. Sulzberger
Cohort 11

Frank completed his 100 hours of nonprofit service for LA Fellows with the Center for Nonprofit Management as a Consulting Program Associate. He is currently working as a Vice President and Senior Control officer in the investment services division of the Bank of New York Mellon.

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  1. Congratulations, Frank! We are proud to have you represent Cohort 11 as an LA Fellows success story!

    Wishing you continued success in the future!