Friday, April 3, 2015

Parting Words of Wisdom at Graduation

LA Fellows instructor and expert job coach Larry Braman used
humor to convey some final words of advice about the
 one topic he forgot to go over during his instruction time.
LA Fellows' newest instructor, Sam Borelli, shared his renewed love of
teaching and some last-minute encouragement for the Fellows. 
Doug Card, LAVC Job Training staff instructor of the Microsoft classes for
the LA Fellows program, kept the audience laughing with his quick wit. 
One of the greatest strengths of the LA Fellows program has been, and continues to be, its outstanding staff of instructors. The Fellows benefit from the wisdom of professionals who understand the issues job seekers face from a unique range of perspectives: Los Angeles Valley College Job Training staff, professional job coaches and trainers, nonprofit experts, and hiring managers.

The instructors are passionately dedicated to providing the highest level of guidance in order to position the professionals in the program to re-enter the workforce in a thoughtful, directed way.

Four of the instructors, Larry Braman, Sam Borelli, Doug Card and Lynnette Ward, were able to attend the graduation ceremonies and speak on behalf of the teaching staff. They eloquently expressed encouragement and pride in the accomplishments of this cohort, injected their own brand of levity, and provided a few last nuggets of wisdom to keep the LA Fellows on track for the next job and all the jobs after that.
Lynnette Ward, an instructor who's taught with the LA Fellows program from
the very beginning, shared insight and heartfelt appreciation of Cohort 11's
enthusiasm and dedication to the training and the job search process.

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