Monday, February 7, 2011

A Bright, Shiny Penny

A Bright, Shiny Penny

 The second week of the LA Fellows upped the intensity quite a bit. Lynnette Ward is an amazing instructor, incredibly energized and smart and sure.

Lynnette likes “bright, shiny pennies.”

Now, this is a blog post about my experience and everyone else is welcome to blog about theirs so I will talk about my week.

My week was…exhausting. But worthwhile and in the end made me feel more ready to go out into the job search world with better marketing and a better idea of how to do well at all the steps. Not to mention what all the steps ARE.

But life was happening last week, too. My daughter was in her first school play. My mom came from the east coast to see her in it. We have to make an erupting, EDIBLE volcano for 6th grade science. I was up at 5 every day doing MY homework and she was up every night doing hers.

So, time management becomes an important concept.

There is, in fact, only so much time.

And we have to be Bright, Shiny Pennies whatever’s going on.

‘Cause Bright, Shiny Pennies get jobs. We hope!

And so I’m doing my homework, I have three networking events during Week 3, my resume is ready for another round, my daughter’s project is almost done and tonight, even though my mom is in town, I’m staying home and getting some rest.

Job search has no use for dingy buffalo nickels.

A Bright, Shiny Penny am I!


Wendy Stackhouse, Cohort 2 and Blogger since 2005

First week: Buckle up!

Second week: Buckle down.

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