Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Great Resource for Job Seekers - ( is an online resource for job seekers and employers throughout the Los Angeles region. JobsLA provides you with access to workforce development and human resources services at any time wherever you have access to the Internet. It is available both in English and Spanish.

JobsLA provides one site where job seekers can search job postings from thousands of employers in the Los Angeles region. Every day new, unduplicated postings are drawn from all over the Internet, including the web sites of private corporations, state job boards, local newspapers, recruiters, hospitals, government agencies, and more.

In addition to acting as the most comprehensive online job board for Los Angeles, JobsLA provides a number of additional tools.

Tools for Job Seekers:

• Highly targeted job search capabilities that allow you to narrow down your job options based on a variety of criteria, including occupation, industry, skills, salary, employer name, and more

• A virtual recruiter tools that automatically reviews job postings and notifies you of jobs that match your skills

• Career tools that allow you to assess their skills and job interests and to access information about the conditions of the Los Angeles labor market

• Comprehensive information about training and employment opportunities to improve your skills and marketability to employers

• Résumé and cover letter building tools that provide you with simple step-by-step instructions to create professionally formatted documents

Tools for Employers:

• A free job posting board where you can advertise job openings to a wider audience on the Internet

• Targeted résumé search capabilities that allow you to quickly filter through candidates and find the most qualified talent

• An easy-to-use tracking system that allows you to manage all their job openings and to track candidates throughout the recruitment process ( is available courtesy of the City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board.

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