Monday, February 14, 2011

The Third Week

We are finally used to the schedule and how hard we have to listen all the time. For some of us it has been many years since school. But we are in the zone now.

We started the week with Dr. Virginia Green and Critical Thinking. Wonder what that is? A great class is what that is! Mapping out your future, what you really want, how your brain works—fascinating!

Monday afternoon was Social Networking and our Facebook and LinkedIn groups are starting to really come to the forefront. They tell us it takes at least 75 connections on LinkedIn to start making a difference in your career—I hit 83 that day, very exciting! Cohort 2 also has a Facebook group. Now, not everyone is on Facebook (I wish they were) but those of us who utilize it are getting so much support from one another.

And here’s something I didn’t expect. How important these people already are to me. And what makes this program so special in a difficult time for us all.

Perhaps you are sitting at home, submitting resumes to Monster or Jobfox or CareerBuilders. Is that working? Are you hoping that sheer numbers will do it for you? Imagine having a team of professionals and a group of colleagues all with a vested interest in YOUR job search. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

The people of LA Fellows all care how we do. They want us working and they are actively helping, guiding and teaching. If we don’t get jobs, their program ends. That’s a heck of an incentive! We are surrounded by amazing, experienced, bright, interesting people with our best interests at heart all day, every day. Compare that to submitting online resumes and you must be interested in joining Cohort 3. The orientation process begins very soon. So check out LA Come to an orientation.

You have no idea what you’re missing.

Wendy Stackhouse, Cohort 2 and Blogger since 2005

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